Coaching at the end of the week

How it works

Initial Interview

Coaching is something very personal and is based on mutual trust. For this to develop there has to be the right chemistry between coach and client. If, after our first contact by phone you would also like to get to know me in person before making a decision, I offer a non-binding personal initial interview. This usually lasts 30 minutes and costs EUR 25,00.

Coaching Process

An individual coaching session lasts approximately 75 minutes.

A coaching intervention to address a particular topic usually lasts 3-8 individual sessions over a time frame of 3-10 weeks or longer.

The compact Weekend Coaching lasts four hours and provides the opportunity to work on a topic more intensively and with more focus.


German and English


Coaching can take place on Fridays and Saturdays. Give me a call or write me a mail to make the first appointment.


Coaching takes place in the training room Ilona Lindenau, Scheffelstr. 13, 60318 Frankfurt. Directions can be found under Contact.


In our initial interview we will discuss your needs and objectives, and together define the time and financial framework that works best for you.

I am of course more than happy to send you further information in advance. 


Areas of expertise

Based on my professional experience as a coach, and on my own personal experiences, I have specialized in these two areas:

Presentation, Exam and Learning Coachingpresentation,_exam_and_learning_coaching.html

Interpersonal Coachinginterpersonal_coaching.html

Coaching Methods

I stand for an integral, solution-oriented coaching approach and apply the following methods in my coaching:


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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Coaching is not psychotherapy, nor is it a substitute for it. A precondition of coaching is that the client has a normal ability to handle psychological and physical stress.