wingwave coaching is a new short-term coaching concept that combines various, extremely effective and well-proven coaching techniques. This method is used by successful executives, managers, creative people and athletes to realize their goals and increase their inner sense of well-being.

wingwave was developed by Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund, German psychologists and management trainers at the Besser-Siegmund Institute in Hamburg, Germany in the 1990s. wingwave is a trademarked method. We combine: 

  1. Bilateral hemisphere stimulation, through “awake” REM phases (Rapid Eye Movement), auditory or tactile left-right input

  2. Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  3. Kinesiology (muscle response test to evaluate the effectiveness of the process)

The effects of wingwave® Coaching are very measurable and the complete success in dissolving mental blocks is usually achieved within just a few (1 – 3) coaching sessions. Because this method is based on scientific research and its’ effects are very tangible, it has gained significant popularity in other European countries and the USA.

WINGWAVE® Coaching helps Clients to
• mentally prepare for peak performance
• activate personal resources whenever they need them
• implement changes
• enhance their abilities and skills
• dissolve mental blocks that have kept them from being where they want to be
• overcome personal and professional disappointments and setbacks on the way to their goals
• transform their limiting thought and behavioural patterns into self-confidence
• increase their stress-resilience, creativity, and overall well-being

The Name
”Wing" in the word wingwave comes from the wing beat of a butterfly. According to chaos theory, this tiny force has the power to change the weather, if the beat occurs at exactly the right time and place. In a similar way, in order for your coaching session to make changes possible, we will select an exact starting point for your wingwave coaching based on your current physical and emotional needs by applying a muscle response test (“O-ring test”).

The wing metaphor also depicts how the brain hemispheres work together to support intellectual flights and to secure successful landings. “Wave” conjures up the term "brainwave" as in “brilliant idea” or "flash of inspiration". And exactly these kinds of brainwaves are triggered by targeted wingwave coaching.

wingwave Coaching is not psychotherapy, nor is it a substitute for it. A precondition of coaching is that the client has a normal ability to handle psychological and physical stress.

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What is wingwave® ?