1. AufzählungszeichenDoes perhaps the thought of your next presentation fill you with dread, even though you are actually fully prepared? Or maybe you want to be sure, the next time you’re in the spotlight or taking an exam, that you perform at your best?

  2. shapeimage_3_link_0Maybe you hesitate to approach people for fear of rejection or similar? And maybe you are looking for ways to improve your relationships with other people long-term?

  3. deWould you like to learn more about wingwave® or NLP?

Then you’ve come to the right place! For it is people who are going through a personal and emotional process of development and seek support who are the central focus of my work as a systemic emotion coach (NLP, wingwave®, relaspatio®).

I provide solution-focused systemic short-term coaching (wingwave®, relaspatio®, NLP) in German and English with a focus on Presentation, Exam and Learning Coaching as well as Interpersonal Coaching. You can work on your personal development in any of the compact coaching workshops, or acquire further qualifications in the next International Life & Business Coach Certification Training.

I look forward to meeting you soon by phone, email and in person!



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